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Why choose (JCETP) Jersey City Employment and Training Program?

JCETP has assisted employers throughout Jersey City and the surrounding counties to fulfill their staffing needs. For the last 28 years, we have provided job placement services to individuals across various industries, such as business management, administrative services, engineering and construction, education, transportation and healthcare support. Our goal is to get our community back to work.


Did we mention that these services are FREE to employers?


How do we find qualified candidates for your vacancies?

Our highly skilled team of recruiters utilize their vast book of candidate profiles to determine the best fit for position. We do not just look at the candidate resume for a match to the job description, but through thorough screening, we find the right person for the job. In addition to the vast personal network of candidates, we partner with career sites to ensure that we are reaching out to all qualified candidates for the role.


At ZERO COST to you and your organization, get back to being fully staffed and efficient. In addition to free employment services, we offer your future employees job readiness skills, such as interview prep, and resume and cover letter preparation, as well as upskill training courses to aid in the personal and professional development of all candidates, free of charge. 


For immediate assistance with filling your vacancies, please click the link below to submit a fulfillment request. 


Thank you for choosing JCETP for all of your employment needs.

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