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Training & Education Services

JCETP is well known for it's training services, however, we take pride in our focus on education. We utilize the CASAS test to assess grade level and knowledge of basic education in order to properly place customers in program offerings. Our goal is to ensure a high success rate for an increased likelihood of a credential in a high demand field. Our forthcoming GED/TASC preparation program will be designed for the natural progression of the students abilities. In addition to the services mentioned, JCETP also provides aid to eligible students seeking to further their education in the form of tuition waivers.

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Career Development Services

Some individuals may have the skills to look for a job, but are rusty on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, communication with employers, and a host of other career factors. In addition to providing these services, JCETP also provides a bevy of workshops that cover the entire job search process.

A full-time certified career development instructor is available to assist customers with employer-related activities. Appointments are needed and one should attend the JCETP orientation before meeting with the instructor. For more information on this service please contact us at: 551.758.7447.

Adult Education Course

Employment Services

Jersey City Employment & Training Program's motto is "Helping Our Community to Work", which is our ultimate goal within our employment services department.  By collaborating with our career development and training & education teams, we provide full circle recruitment services that allow our customers to be placed in high demand career fields.  We work with an array of employers throughout Jersey City and New Jersey as a whole. Our goal is to continue to expand employment opportunities for the overall benefit to our customers.


Youth Services

Individuals who are between ages 14 to 24 are eligible for services. All youth must meet Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) income criteria and fall within one or more categories under WOIA. Under the WIOA, youth are classified into 2 categories: Out of School Youth or In School Youth. Our service strategies prepare youth for employment and/ or post-secondary education through strong linkages between academic and occupational learning. Strategies incorporate one or more of the 14 required program elements listed here:

  • Tutoring, study skills, and dropout prevention

  • Alternative education

  • Paid and unpaid work experiences

  • Occupational skills training

  • Leadership development

  • Supportive services

  • Adult mentoring

  • Follow-up services

  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling

  • Education offered concurrently with, and in the area context as workforce preparation activities and training

  • Financial literacy education

  • Provision of labor market information

  • Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to post-secondary education and training

  • Entrepreneurial skills training

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