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Early Employment Initiative

The Early Employment Initiative (EEI) is available to those individuals who are applying for Hudson County Welfare another one of our partners. Individuals will be able to apply through the County Plaza Building on Cornelison Avenue. For more information, those interested should contact (201) 420-3000 and ask for Division of Family Services for more information.

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Career Development Services.

Some individuals may have the skills to look for a job, but are rusty on resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, communication with employers, and a host of other career factors. In addition to providing these services, JCETP also provides a bevy of workshops that cover the entire job search process.

A full-time certified career development instructor is available to assist customers with employer-related activities. Appointments are needed and one should attend the JCETP orientation before meeting with the instructor. For more information on this service contact 2551

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Life Skills

Housed on the 2nd Floor of the chartered One Stop Center a full-time employee works with individuals who are on public assistance and looking to attend training via one of the many training programs funded by the County of Hudson and City of Jersey City.
The program offers a myriad of programs that include life skills, conflict management, resume preparation, and interviewing techniques. This is a closed program for only individuals who are enrolled from the County Welfare Agency (CWA) and the instructor is certified to teach this program via Adkins, which is located at Columbia University.

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Career Resource Center

A Career Beacon Orientation is a group of individuals who meet once weekly and it is a training module combined with the orientation. It is offered to customers who have attended a Re-employment Orientation(RO), or referred by an Employment Counselor and expressed interest in training for skills upgrade or new trade.
This Orientation provides information on services available at the Jersey City One Stop Career Center. Some of the populations who are served by this orientation include: 55+ Program (offers part-time employment to older workers); Veterans Program, Employment Services (job search assistance) Resume Preparation, Resource Room Access, which includes Computer/Copier/Fax Services, Unemployment Section, which helps a customer understand the eligibility process to receive UI benefits, DVR(Assessment and assistant as determined) Section 8(housing Unit) etc. WIA, assistance in vocational training/skill upgrade.
The Pre-requisite for consideration for vocational training includes: 1) Completing a 4-week job search Program and 2) Self assessment evaluation (used by Intensive Case Managers in initial assessments). The Training module of Career Beacon, introduces the NJDOLWD Website, covering, Demand Occupations, the Employment Outlook, Career Development, and finally the Occupation Explorer. This orientation is needed to ensure that the customer makes an informed choice before looking attending any type of Occupational Skills Program.



Individuals who are between ages 14 to 24 are eligible for services. All youth must meet Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) income criteria and fall within one or more categories under WOIA. Under the WIOA, youth are classified into 2 categories: Out of School Youth or In School Youth. Our service strategies prepare youth for employment and/ or post-secondary education through strong linkages between academic and occupational learning. Strategies incorporate one or more of the 14 required program elements listed here:

  • Tutoring, study skills, and dropout prevention

  • Alternative education

  • Paid and unpaid work experiences

  • Occupational skills training

  • Leadership development

  • Supportive services

  • Adult mentoring

  • Follow-up services

  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling

  • Education offered concurrently with, and in the area context as workforce preparation activities and training

  • Financial literacy education

  • Provision of labor market information

  • Activities that help youth prepare for and transition to post-secondary education and training

  • Entrepreneurial skills training

Ladders Of Opportunity Youth Grant

Through a U.S. Department Transportation grant, the Jersey City Employment and Training Program has received funding to provide training in order to assist individuals with finding jobs in the transit industry and local unions.

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